Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome ... Again!

It was more than a year ago that I decided to take my original "Houston Running" blog private for a multitude of reasons.

And for many of those same reasons, which I won't go in to, it will remain private.

When I was standing with Lance Phegley, my Runner Triathlete News and Inside Texas Running editor, at the United Space Alliance 10-Miler on Sunday, October 11, somebody (who I did not know) said that they wish that I still had "this blog" again.

As I was out on a long run on Saturday, I thought more seriously about bringing it back.

So here it is.

And if the quality isn't what I'm used to producing, I'll kill it in a heartbeat.

And whatever position that I take here, it doesn't represent any of my roles and responsibilities with HARRA, RTN, ITR, the Courier of Montgomery County, The Woodlands Running Club or the Seven Hills Running Club.

It only represents me and what I think - right, wrong or indifferent.

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