Saturday, March 25, 2017

Run Thru The Village 5K Race Analysis

Ran the inaugural Run Thru The Village 5K this morning that was produced and presented by CHI St. Luke's Health at their new Springwoods Village Hospital, which is located just north of the Grand Parkway and west of Interstate 45.

First and foremost, this race should hire me.  I understand how important image is, recognition of sponsors and volunteers as well as participants and getting races started on-time.

Beautiful environment currently to race in.  Will definitely see if and how that changes as the build out of the Village continues.  As more businesses and housing developments continue to open, this race - and others - will have to go to the roads.

However, the paved trail - of which most of the race was run on - can handle runners three abreast, if necessary.  So, there's room for growth.

Excellent course design and certification by Logan Burgess, one of the best.  As part of his work, the mile - and kilometer - markings (thoughtful given the international community that works with ExxonMobil) were clearly visible; however, the event producer could have done a better job communicating the course before the race, the fact that it was a certified course and could have placed visible markings to have been seen from afar to call attention to them.

What else could have been communicated before the race from a safety and liability standpoint is that there were places - not many - where footing was loose.  It is that old adage about knowing the potential dangers and not doing enough to communicate what they are or were.

Parking was plentiful.  Kids fun area was setup well and there were a few vendors with a stage.  Clearly the presentation to support the image that the hospital and health system aims to present matches.

Course control met acceptable standards.  Law enforcement control at both Holzwarth intersections where runners crossed.  Since it was on the south side of Springwoods Village and there aren't any other businesses or housing development open, none were needed as we ran east to west on Springwoods Village.  There was one point coming back towards the hospital as Holzwarth was crossed where a volunteer would have been beneficial to direct runners back on to the road as continuing on the sidewalk put you in the grass.

However, verbal communication and presentation has room for growth.

Order custom bibs.  You do all of these other things well to present your image well, but you use generic bibs.  Build this into the race budget for 2018 now.  Make them go hand in hand with the financial investment you made in medals, which are too much for a 5K ... but they were nice and I actually grabbed one to have when the race grows.

You have the best timer in Texas, RunFAR, and the data presented to them - how and when - can use improvement.  Recent article from Brooks Running on the recent Running USA report indicate that people want immediate results (even though they can get that with a watch on their wrist).  Put on a race first and people and attention to your facility and causes will follow.  Trust me:  It works.

Start the races on-time.  Minor on a day like today, but as this race grows the race timeline has to be managed.  If you want runners to come out and spread the word, this is a must.  If you want to be just a community fun run, then starting at 8:03 and 8:33 a.m. is acceptable.  Doing the former is pleasing to both pools of supporters.

Excellent national anthem.  And people were respectful and were still for a change.

Abandon the registration method both pre-race and on-site race day.  Compliance and Risk Management surely can come up with ways to meet acceptable audit controls by allowing the timer, which has registration functionality, to manage that for you.  It was cumbersome to do on race morning when you had people waiting behind you that wanted to get signed up too.  Or use a service like, ... something other than the in-house.

A lot, but I think that's everything.

Otherwise, great day to run and race.  Great to be able to do a race less than two miles from my house - and on a day when there were three races (that all started at the same time) within 3-4 miles from where I live.

How did I run?  Timer has 30:15, but no chip offset.  My watch has 30:13.96 with a 7.39 offset, but I might have been off a second or two.  So I'm calling it 30:08!  Not bad, but the course - along Springwoods Village - was a little bit of an uphill.

8:50.26 on mile 1.  9:55.78 on mile 2.  10:21.38 on mile 3.  59.15 on the last tenth of a mile.  30:06.57.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Texas' Oldest Footraces - 35 Years And Older

This list was created in support of a January 2017 Texas Runner and Triathlete article being written by editor Lance Phegley:

49th -- Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot 8M and 5K (2017 - 50th on Thanksgiving)
49th -- LP Run, Houston (2017 - 50th in April)
47th -- Firecracker Fun Run 10 and 3-Milers, Brownfield (2017 - 48th on Fourth of July)
46th -- BMW Dallas Marathon (2017 - 47th in December, 1971)
44th -- Buffalo Wallow Race Half Marathon and 2-Miler (2017 - 45th in November)
44th -- Chevron Houston Marathon (2017 - 45th in January)
44th -- Run In The Sun 8K, San Angelo (2017 - 45th in June)
42nd -- San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon (2017 - 43rd in December)
41st -- Beach To Bay Relay Marathon, Corpus Christi (2017 - 42nd in May)
41st -- Dallas Running Club Half Marathon (2017 - 42nd in November)
41st -- Germanfest Fun Run 15K and 5K, Muenster (2017 - 42nd in May)
41st -- Paris Turkey Trot 5K, Paris (2017 - 42nd on Thanksgiving)
41st -- San Antonio Road Runners Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 4M (2017 - 42nd on Thanksgiving)
40th -- Charro Days Classic 5K, Brownsville (2017 - 41st in February)
40th -- El Paso YMCA Turkey Trot 5K (2017 - 41st on Thanksgiving)
39th -- Amarillo Mayor's Half Marathon, Amarillo (2017 - 40th in September)
39th -- Austin Runners Club, Austin (2017 - 40th in May)
39th -- Bayou City Classic 10K, Houston (2017 - 40th in March)
39th -- CapTex 10K, Austin (2017 - 40th in April)
39th -- Dime Box Mini-Marathon 10K, 5K, 2M (2017 - 40th in October)
39th -- Don Zetnick Winter Run 10K, Arlington (2017 - 40th in December)
39th -- Joe Nisbett 5K, Dalhart (2017 - 40th in August)
39th -- Westfest Kolache 5K Challenge, West (2017 - 40th in September)
38th -- Decker Challenge Half Marathon, Austin (2017 - 39th in December)
38th -- Huntsville Half Marathon, Huntsville (2017 - 39th in October)
38th -- Linden Wildflower Trails 5K, Linden (2017 - 39th in April)
38th -- Lone Star Stampede 10K/5K, Houston (2017 - 39th in April)
38th -- Lunar Rendezvous Run 5K, Clear Lake (2017 - 39th in July)
37th -- Cowtown Marathon, Fort Worth (2017 - 38th in February)
37th -- Cross Country Trail Run 5M, Waco (2017 - 38th in March)
37th -- Half Moon Fun Run 5K, Seguin (2017 - 38th in July)
37th -- San Antonio Road Runners Women's 5K Run (2017 - 38th in July)
37th -- Wild Bill Cowboy Gallop 5K, Pleasanton (2017 - 38th in February)
36th -- Great Texas Mosquito Chase 5K, Clute (2017 - 37th in July)
36th -- Guajolote Run 10K, Laredo (2017 - 37th on Thanksgiving)
36th -- Toughest 10K in Texas, Lampasas (2017 - 37th in July)
36th -- Brazosport College Gator Gallop 5K, Lake Jackson (2017 - 37th in April)
35th -- Azle Lake Run 5K, Azle (2017 - 36th in November)
35th -- Cross Timbers Trail Runs 50M, 26.2M, 13.1M (2017 - 36th in February)
35th -- Fort Worth YMCA Turkey Trot 10K/5K (2017 - 36th on Thanksgiving)
35th -- Red Raider Road Race 10K, Lubbock (2017 - 36th in September)
35th -- Southland Shuffle 6M/2M, San Angelo (2017 - 36th in August)
35th -- Turkey Chase 4-Mile Run, Corpus Christi (2017 - 36th on Thanksgiving)
34th -- All-American City 10K, Edinburg (2017 - 35th in February)

Annual runnings are self-reported by the events and included on their race shirts, websites, Facebook pages and printed material.  Races that are held in conjunction with festivals older than 35 years that did not have an indication that the race itself was produced that long were not included.

If you see a race that might have been missed, please let me know!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Woodlands Half Marathon - Multiple Finishes

This initial pass of the data only reflects exact matches in spelling year over year.  If you believe that there's another spelling of your name that would move you into one of these categories, please let me know.  - Jon Walk

6 Finishes (48)
Alfredo Tinajero
Amy Holovaty
Barry Beacher
Camellia Jacks
Carlos Sepulveda
Catriona Edmond
Cristina Fernandez
Dana Dilbeck
Danielle Foder
Deborah Sanborn
Denise Andrew
Denise Smith
Edward Campos
Erica Welter
Jennifer Fox
Jill Tresaugue
Jodi Beckendorf
John Frey
John McGowan
Jorge Gutierrez
Justo Marin
Karen Overman
Kathy McWilliams
Kevin Lang
Kim Easton
Kimberly Green
Koray Ozturk
Lesa Talley
Lisa Deville
Lyndon Yates
Mark Chilton
Matthew Smith
Michael Galiunas
Pam Anderson
Pamela Paling
Paul Phelps
Rennie Van Wyk
Rich Fredrich
Richard Smith
Rip Reynolds
Rob Oberg
Robert Snider
Roberto Guiot
Robin Holcomb
Sara Hudgens
Tania Espitia
Tiffany Smith
Tulio Sanchez

5 Finishes (116)
Alejandro Domenzain
Alfonso Guerrero
Andrew Dublin
Angie Deweese
Antonio Teruggi
Bill Carruth
Bill Strawbridge
Brandon Shaughnessy
Bret Strong
Carmen Watson
Carolyn Barron
Carolyn Brown
Carrie Victor
Chelsea Green
Chris Allen
Chris Gause
Chris Hanley
Chris Payne
Claudia Martinez
Claudio Grossling
Clint Lozinsky
Colleen Waymel
Danny Bradley
Dave Adkins
David Fernandez
David Kelly
Dawn Renken
Debra Sukin
Dee Akers
Elaine Mims
Elaine Smith
Elizabeth Frost
Elizabeth Viktorin
Elsa Govea
Elsie Yates
Emily Frazier
Erika Espinosa
Frank Halter
Galbraith Weaver
Gerardo Guillen
Gisela Shelton
Gloria Aspe
Gordon Magenheim
Gregg Johnson
Ingrid Hoyle
James Sweeney
Jay Johnson
Jennifer Jansen
Jennifer Perkins
Jessica Whitfield
John Starkweather
Jose Marin
Josh Strickland
Judy Hufstetler
Karla Rodriguez
Karyn Ashton
Kenton Erickson
Kim Corona
Kimber Juenke
Kristin Collins
Kristyn Payne
Laura Allred
Leonardo Espitia
Leslie Hajdo
Leslie Mills
Lisa Gauthier
Llana Bingham
Mahesh Vandanam
Manuel Garcia
Margot Campos
Marie Elliott
Mark Hatfield
Mark Simon
Mat Trevino
Matthew Giardina
Matthew Shetz
Maybelline Martinez
Megan Bruegger
Melissa Thomas
Michael Gartner
Michael Payne
Michelle Correal
Michelle Easton
Miguel Correa
Molly Field-Stout
Natalya Galiunas
Noelle On
Patti Rascon
Paul Lee
Peter Schipperijn
Phil Boughton
Poonam Samudrala
Rafael Mercado
Rakesh Malhotra
Randy Smith
Ray Arroyo
Rebecca Smith
Rocio Merlo
Rossana Ballesteros
Rossana Cervantes
Russell Meyer
Ryan Taylor
Sandra Longhofer
Sara Witmer
Sarah Spardella
Skip Moschell
Srinivas Panja
Stephanie Taylor
Susan Wolf
Terri Kedzierski
Theresa Breslin
Thomas Clare
Tim Sherbon
Valerie Byers
William Glaser
Yuji Iwanaka

4 Finishes (317)
Abraham Luna
Adam O'Kelley
Adam Stashick
Adriana Aguirre
Aeri York
Alan Davis
Alan Gastineau
Alberto Del Valle
Alejandro Flores
Alfredo Escalona Jr.
Allison Woody
Amalia Guardiola
Amanda Hickman
Amber Alomran
Amy Hickey
Ana Soza
Anand Viswanath
Andra Wilcox
Andrea Wilson
Angelita Salcedo
Anna Faber
Anne Azzollini
Anne Hammons
Anne Kolodziej
Antonio Mariscal
April Bangerter
Arif Iqbal
Arturo Salazar
Ashley Montgomery
Ashley Smith
Avril Ramirez
Barbara Gamiz
Barbaree Patton
Becky Barton
Bernardo Rico
Bert Reyna
Bertha Chiunti
Beth Liczwek
Beverly Loyd
Bill Cox
Bill McGraw
Brandon Baudin
Brenda Smith
Brian Boniface
Brian Collins
Brian Goedke
Brian Haskett
Brian Peters
Brian Tinsley
Brigitte Magenheim
Bryan Alsdorf
Candice Adams
Candy Trudgeon
Carl Holt
Carlos Bruno
Carmen Martinez
Chase McPheeters
Cheryl Perry
Chris Baty
Chris Hill
Christi Moore
Christine Starkweather
Christopher Ciaccio
Christopher Delange
Christopher Valle
Cindy Baker
Clacie Ciaccio
Claudia McMeeken
Clint Porche
Cortney Waguespack
Craig Newlun
Crystal Tucker
Crystale Bonjour
Dana Hill
David Doucet
Dawn Henning
Deanna Govea
Deb Lyons
Debbie Martin
Debi Bliazis
Deborah Stuart
Debra Myers
Denise Powers
Dennis Jones
Derek Cooper
Doris Cloud
Dustin Spardella
Edith Corona
Edson Jones
Eduardo Tellez
Egin Sam
Eleonora Kuruc
Ellis Freeman
Emily Cassens
Emily Cseszko
Eric Braate
Eric Viktorin
Erin Gowton
Erin Smith
Ernest Mendez Jr
Esmeralda Reyna
Faridy Gonzalez
Fernanda Suarez
Fernando Guirola
Frank Terrazas
Frankie Mazzapica
Gary Wulf
Gavin Gartner
Geralyn Engman
Ginny Woodring
Gladys Ciarallo
Gloria Hinton
Grant Gibson
Gregory Aguilar
Guillermo Ritchey
Haley Call
Harold Dodd
Heather Jorris
Hector Gonzalez
Homai Madisetty
Ian Everhard
Ileana Carroll
Ivonne Vandanam
Jacob Thymann Nielsen
Jacqui Heater
Jamin McNeil
Janet Luna
Janis Echeverria
Jason Cetovich
Jason Stewart
Jason Welch
Jayne Seabrook
Jeff Beetz
Jeff Goodwin
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Shumway
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Wertz
Jeremy Stiborik
Jessica Baxter
Jim Braden
Jim Grigsby
Jim Healy
Jimmie Gowton
Joe Corona
Joe Rivera
John Gunderson
John Hancock
John Postel
John Raycroft
Jorge Chico
Jose Mejia
Juan Mendoza
Juli Tate
Julie Everett
Julie Hollan
Julie Martin
Kacey Bryant
Kannan Kaushik
Kanwal Ghaznavi
Karen Goodwin
Karen Portman
Kari Gilley
Karina Guajardo
Karrie Allen
Katarzyna Hickey
Kate Price
Katherine Cunningham
Katherine Powell
Katherine Thom
Kathleen Crea
Kathleen Smith
Kelly Pritchard
Kelly Whiddon
Ken Johnson
Ken Seifert
Kendie Oelking
Kenneth Page
Kevin Bourbonnais
Kevin Hunter
Kevin Royle
Kevin Talley
Kevin Yeh
Kiley Molinski
Kirstin Lorenzetti
Kory Mason
Kris McNeil
Kristen Mullinnix
Kurt Arnst
Lara Carter
Lars Finanger
Lee Lewis
Lee Topham
Leslie Day
Leslie Lewis
Linda Reichardt
Lindsay Johnson
Lisa Clifford
Lorna Bradley
Lucy Moore
Lynda Hull
Marcela Jaramillo
Maria Matheus
Maria Pulgar
Maricar Miranda
Maricela Conejo
Marie Thompson
Marlise Skinner
Marta Mixa
Martin Lee
Mary Botello
Matt Rutledge
Matthew Bruegger
Matthew Manwaring
Matthew Markel
Max Chavez
Melissa Kakos
Melissa MacLauchlan
Melissa Stanosheck
Michael Lange
Michael Oehler
Michelle Bell
Michelle Leavitt
Michelle O'Rourke
Michelle Roenz
Miguel Flores
Minni Malhotra
Mona Draper
Monica Santiago-Petway
Monique Nguyen
Nancy Holcomb
Nanette Power Goodridge
Nataliya Novak
Nicole Boniface
Nirmala Polisetty
Oscar Arregui
Oscar Hernandez
Pam Stanosheck
Pamela Hill
Pat Himel
Patricia Moreno
Patricio Hidalgo
Paul King
Paula Sokolich
Penny Rettenmaier
Quenby Gartner
Rachel Honeyman
Rajendher Reddy
Rama Palwai
Rebecca Schany
Rebecca Williams
Ricardo Trevino
Rich Wickboldt
Richard Cooper
Richard Hawley
Robert Donaghy
Robert Manwaring
Ron Shaver
Rosalia Alfaro
Russ Kovin
Ruth Henderson
Ryan Walters
Sabrina Tillson
Saikrishna Maudgalya
Sally Redmon
Samantha Colonna
Sandra Tezino
Sandra Torsey
Sara Ray
Sara Vanderford
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Brink
Sarah May
Sarah Ray
Scott Darling
Scott Farrand
Sean Cummings
Sean Sipko
Shanna Lohr
Shawn Harris
Shawn Lane
Sheila Bahr
Shelley Bevil
Shirley Santangelo
Silvia Jackson
Sindie Le'Dam-tran
Starr Rutledge
Stephanie Peloquin
Stephen Kimmel
Steve Barton
Steve Kelley
Steve Rech
Steven Sendelbach
Stuart Barrett
Suresh Pisini
Susan Marrero
Susan McCormick
Susanne McLeod
Suzanne Young
Syble Asaf
Sydney Parsons
Syndi Carlson
Tabata Cooke
Tai Wong
Tariq Zia
Theresa Bueno
Tina Saims
Tina Trimble
Tonya McGraw
Val Ricks
Veronica Sweeney
Vicky Gillmor
Vidyanand Sakthi
Wendy Peters
William Hon
Yasuko Higa

Sources: (2012-2016), (2017)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Woodlands Marathon - Multiple Finishes

6 Finishes (21)
Brent Scott, The Woodlands
Charles Frymire, The Woodlands
Criss Neumann, The Woodlands
Danielle Skelton Reeves, The Woodlands
David Coats, Houston
Doan Pham, Houston
Gabriel Belforti, The Woodlands
Henrita Van Wyngaarden, The Woodlands
Hung Hoang, Houston
Jay Everett, The Woodlands
Jim Harrington, The Woodlands
Jonathan Zwickel, Houston
Karen Berglund, Kingwood
Kori Scott, The Woodlands
Lonnie Brauner, The Woodlands
Quoc Duong, Houston
Rachel Williams, Houston
Richard Carroll, Houston
Ron Berglund, Kingwood
Stephen Kallus, Houston
William Moeller, Spring

5 Finishes (31)
Albenis Hernandez, Cypress
Alejandro Torres Guerra, The Woodlands
Barbara Santi, The Woodlands
Carlos Reyes, Spring
Chris Robbins, League City
Christian Lambert, San Antonio
Dan Greenberg, Houston
David Raines, Houston
Diana Van Brandwijk, Conroe
Drew George, The Woodlands
Enrique Cervantes, Spring
John Maloney, The Woodlands
Jose Moreno, Huntsville
Kerry Lee, League City
Khuong Tran, Bellaire
Mary Berta, The Woodlands
Michael Caldwell, Shenandoah
Myrick Thibodeaux, Conroe
Natalie Camps, Spring
Parvaneh Moayedi, San Antonio
Peter Huntsman, Sr., The Woodlands
Rolando Reyes, The Woodlands
Sergio Leonardi, Spring
Sheila Bundscho Lewis, Colleyville
Steven Holehan, Conroe
Stuart Kessler, The Woodlands
Tom Nguyen, Missouri City
Tory Western, Humble
Vincent Attanucci, The Woodlands
Yen Nugyen, Houston
Yvette Dunn, Wharton

4 Finishes (66)
Aby Godd, Lufkin
Adnan Afzal, The Woodlands
Andrea Rinosa, Houston
Angie Hamann, Pearland
Anthony Serrano, Montgomery
Armando Bocanegra, Lufkin
Arturo Torres, Houston
Bill Burns, Columbus, OH
Brandon Bangerter, The Woodlands
Brent Scott, Clearfield, UT
Brain Pack, Houston
Bridget Moeller, Spring
Charles Knific, The Woodlands
Christian Rauch, Cypress
Christine Gentil, Houston
Craig Dodds, The Woodlands
Daniel Kallus, Houston
David Bennett, The Woodlands
David Dunlap, Houston
David Gamez, Houston
Donna Palmer, Pearland
Doug Schultze, The Woodlands
Eduardo Luna, Mexico
Edward Mickelson, Pearland
Esau Velazquez, Katy
German Collazos, Houston
Glenn Heumann, Houston
Gordon Christie, Katy
Greg Park, Spring
Hector Meza, Diboll
James Surratt, Kingwood
Jennifer Bates, Spring
Jennifer Breazeale, The Woodlands
Jesse Barrera, San Antonio
Jonathan Ramsey, Tomball
Joseph Gray, Spring
Justin Styles, The Woodlands
Kazuhiro Oka, Bellaire
Kelly Lumpkin, Humble
Kortni Mann, Spring
Liliana Franco, Houston
Lisa Warechowski, Allen
Luis Garcia, Monterrey, MX
Marta Valenzuela, Conroe
Mi Ae Roll, Porter
Michael Abbas, Cypress
Michael Smith, The Woodlands
Mike Blayney, Kingwood
Patricia Montoya, The Woodlands
Peter Bennett, Houston
Peter Cymbala, The Woodlands
Peter Huntsman, Jr., The Woodlands
Peter Steelman, Houston
Razvan Dumitru, The Woodlands
Reggie Bruhn, The Woodlands
Richard Zainfeld, The Woodlands
Rudolph Rendon, Temple
Samuel Dehn, League City
Sergio Vazquez, Houston
Shelly Burr, Humble
Sherry Scott, Houston
Stacey Kim, Houston
Stephen Baumgartner, Houston
Steve Sears, Magnolia
Vajih Khan, The Woodlands
Vanessa Goodman, Conroe

Sources: (2012-2016), (2017)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Gusher Marathon - Multiple Finishes

8 Finishes
Scott Alexander
Ezra Czuba
Richard Evans
William Fermo
Brian Garcia
John Hyak
Vern Myers

7 Finishes
Anthony Mireles
Tara Stogner

6 Finishes
Susan Craig
Jeremy Fermo
Mike Moss

5 Finishes
Peter Bennett
Steve Boone
Richard Carroll
Derek McWilliams
Yen Nguyen
Bobby Ortego
Schanon Turner
Brandon Vallair

4 Finishes
Jetola Anderson-Blair
Richard Bowling
John Brack
Gideon Crump
Patrick Elders
Ken Fattman
Bowman Fawcett
Chad Hawthorne
David Johnson
Amy Kelly
Christopher Lognion
Scott Meyer
Laz West

3 Finishes
Sherri Brown
Brian Clark
Taushah Crawford
Bryan Denison
Buck Ford
Andrew Goodenough
Cody Hensley
Ruben Hipolito
Crystal Huff
Sergio Leonardi
Richard Oechslin
Donna Palmer
Bennie Jose Perez
Shaun Roberts
Sharlyn Smith

Monday, March 6, 2017

Jail Break Run Finishers Numbers (2011-2017)

Half Marathon

2011 - 149 (76 women / 73 men)
2012 - 174 (79 women / 95 men)
2013 - 260 (132 women / 128 men)
2014 - 254 (130 women / 124 men)
2015 - 273 (153 women / 120 men)
2016 - 297 (191 women / 106 men)
2017 - 771 (457 women / 314 men)


2014 - 213 (121 women / 92 men)
2015 - 295 (174 women / 120 men / 1 unidentified)
2016 - 321 (202 women / 119 men)
2017 - 406 (270 women / 136 men)

Sources: (2011-2012), Campbell Timing Systems (2013-2015), (2016-2017),