Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Texas Bridge Series Finishers

The Texas Bridge Series consisted of three races -- the Toughest 10K Kemah, the Toughest 10K Galveston and the La Porte By The Bay Half Marathon.

236 runners and walkers completed all three to become inaugural Texas Bridge Series finishers.

Dora Aguilar-Bloomer, F, League City
Laura Aguilar-Ramirez, F, League City
Melissa Akin, F, League City
Rudy Alvarez, M, Houston
Bud Arnold, M, Humble

Jack Barfoot, M, La Porte
Jenny Beattie, F, La Porte
Britt Bell, M, Kemah
Susan Bell, F, Kemah
Pam Bennett, F, League City
Joey Berry, M, Missouri City
Wendy Berthiaume, F, Houston
Kirsten Beyer, F, Kemah
Dana Biedrzycki, F, Crosby
Jonathan Blankenheim, M, League City
Robert Botto, M, Baytown
Mark Braddock, M, Seabrook
Gilbert Brillon, M, Spring
Rosalie Brillon, F, Spring
Alison Brown, F, Houston
Buddy Brown, M, Houston
Damian Brum, M, Baytown
Misty Bryan, F, Houston
Amy Brzezinski, F, Houston
Grant Bue, M, Houston
Roland Burciaga, M, Pearland
Christa Burgett, F, Houston
Eliza Burton, F, Houston
Melanie Butler, F, Katy

Brenda Cantu, F, Spring
Gabriela Cantu, F, Houston
Jesus Cantu, M, Houston
Patricia Carreon, F, Houston
Leonardo Casanova, M
Marisol Chavez, F, Houston
Valerie Christian, F, Humble
Dawn Clements, F, Houston
Eileen Constancio, F
M. Melissa Cooper, F, League City
Stephen Cooper, M, Houston
Migel Cruz, M, Pearland
Gail Culp, F, Houston

Nasser Dabbas, M, Houston
Lisa Danielson, F, Houston
Shelia Davidson, F, Houston
Ami Davis, F, Baytown
Abigail De Los Reyes, F, Houston
Lori Diaz, F, League City
Trish Dillon, F, Houston
Hoang Do, M, Houston
Steve Dollinger, M, Manvel
Jennifer Duarte, F, Richmond

Kristin Echerd, F, League City
Lee Echerd, M, League City
Carly Erwin, F, Galveston
Eddie Espinosa, M, Houston
Zully Espinosa, F, Houston
Paul Estrada, M, Houston
Sharona Everett, F, Deer Park

George Z Felan, M, Houston
Priscilla Fierro, F, Dickinson
John Fife, M, Pasadena
Kelli Fife, F, Pasadena
Yvonne Flores, F, Katy
Bryan Ford, M, Cypress
Rachel Forrest, F, League City
Alison Fowler, F, Houston
Bonnie Frankum, F, Houston

Betty Garcia, F, Seabrook
John Paul Garcia, M, Friendswood
Penny Garcia, F, Friendswood
Lucia Gentry, F, Dickinson
Hillary Gerhart, F, Katy
Robert Godinez, M, La Porte
Bruce Greer, M, Houston
Laura Greivenkamp, F, Seabrook
Megan Griffiths, F, Sugar Land
Seth Guerin, M, Pearland
Jaime Gutierrez, M, Friendswood

Lisa Hagler, F, Houston
Floyd Hamilton, M, League City
Laura Hanson, F, League City
Leo Henny, M, Lake Charles, LA
Maria Hernandez, F, Houston
Santos Hernandez, M, Katy
Kellie Hill, F
Rob Hill, M, Houston
Gloria Hinton, F, Dickinson
Sara Holder, F, Houston
Kelly Holland, F, Baytown
Karen Hollen, F, Houston
Bryant Holley, M, Houston
Kim Holt, F, Seabrook
Diana Houston, F, Baytown
Dennis Hudgens, M, Willis
Tom Hutson, M, Houston

Charlotte Jam, F, Houston
Phillis Jefferson, F, Richmond
Bobby Jennings, M, Magnolia
Mary Jennings, F, League City
Carey Jensen, M, Houston
Jesus Jijon, M, Houston
Pamela Johnson, F, Tomball
Dee Jones, F, Dickinson
Janet Jones, F, Houston
Carol Jordan, F, Dickinson

Tiffany Kamp, F, Richmond
Kenneth Karam, M, Houston
Mark Kenney, M, Pearland
Stephen Kerlegon, M, League City
John Kirwin, M, Galveston
Mark Knox, M, League City
Lindsay Koller, F, League City
James Koon, M, Pearland
Mike Kovich, M, League City

Holly Lamb, F, Crosby
Scott Lamon, M, Houston
Sofia Lamon, F, Houston
Kevin Lampley, M, Spring
Dave Lang, M, Galveston
Kevin Lang, M, League City
Mitzi Laughlin, F, Pearland
Tammy Lawrence-May, F, Deer Park
Tony Le Cara, M, Houston
Glyssel Lee, F, Dickinson
Crystal Leutwyler, F, Richmond
Paul Love, M, Spring
Anna Luckenbach, F, Houston

Lynn Malloy, F, Katy
Janene Martinec, F, Houston
Patricia Martinez, F, Houston
Michael Mateja, M, Houston
Missy Maxwell, F, Friendswood
Deanna McCollough, F, Katy
Fred McCulloch, M, League City
Sandy McKinney, F, Houston
Greg Melching, M
Priscilla Meraz, F, Galveston
Mary Mercado, F, Houston
Ken Merenda, M, Seabrook
Reyna Merritt, F, Houston
Isaias Mesa, M, Houston
Cynthia Meyn, F, Friendswood
Cathy Modaro, F, League City
Andres Monterrubio, M, League City
Mariana Monterrubio, F, League City
Paul Morken, M
Natalie Moya, F, Pearland
Martha Myers, F, Baytown

John Najera, M, Houston
Ashley Niess, F, Pasadena
Geri Niess, F, Deer Park
Nathan Nieswiadomy, M
Timothy Nolan, M, Houston

Chase Ocanas, M, League City
Ovidio Ocanas, M, League City
Donovan O'Connor, M, La Porte

Lynn Palmer, F, Houston
Don Peck, M, Houston
Robin Peck, F, Houston
Anita Pena, F, Houston
Mike Perales, M, League City
Chris Perry, M, Dickinson
Theresa Perry, F, Dickinson
Paul Peters, M, Dickinson
Rachelle Pinard, F, Willis
Diane Pinkston, F, Houston

Laura Rachita, F, Friendswood
Jerry Rasmussen, M, Houston
Michele Rawson, F, Houston
Keith Reed, M, Houston
Melanie Renault, F, Katy
Esteban Reyes, M, La Marque
Meglyn Rickerl, F, Houston
Debora Riley, F, Houston
Steve Ritter, M, League City
Linda Riviera, F, League City
Christie Roberts, F, Baytown
Lanny Roberts, M, League City
Staci Rogge, F, Humble
Jose Ruiz, M, Houston
Susy Ruiz, F, Houston
Stephanie Russell, F, League City

Michael Sangl, M, Spring
Pam Sangl, F, Spring
Michael Sapp, M, League City
Eric Schaefer, M, League City
Debbie Schallock, F, Friendswood
Kristie Schmidt, F, Seabrook
Keith Schreiter, M, Houston
Mark Schultze, M, Houston
Sam Scott, M, Friendswood
Stacy Scranton, M, Cypress
Diane Sevilla, F, College Station
Rakesh Shah, M, Webster
Bernice Shaver, F, Houston
Matt Shawhan, M, Galveston
Angela G. Smith, F, Seabrook
Bruce Smith, M, Clute
Lillian Sockwell, F, Baytown
Eric Sonny, M, Webster
Robert Sorge, M, Deer Park
Chris St Jean, M, Seabrook
Cindy Stipe, F, Baytown
Matt Strohmayer, M
Russell Swanson, M, Deer Park

Brian Talley, M, Seabrook
Michael Terry, M, Houston
Johnny Tobin, M, Baytown
Gracie Trejo, F, Pasadena
Mary Trenolone, F, League City
Alicia Trussell, F, League City

Albert Valle, M, Sugar Land
Flavia Valle, F, Sugar Land
Marla Vasquez, F, Pearland
Donna Villarreal, F, Sugar Land
Terry Villarreal, M, Sugar Land

Susan Walden, F, Houston
Brett Walker, M, Baytown
Andre Warren, M, Houston
T. Philip Washington, M, League City
Jennifer Wells, F, Houston
Christopher Westerlund, M, Seabrook
Lisa Whitten, F, Deer Park
Kristi Wiley, F, Houston
Meagan Williams, F, Houston
Philip Wingert, M, Houston
Paul Winton, M, League City
Omer Womack, M, Deer Park
Trevor Woodhouse, M, Alvin
Lee Woods, F, Houston
Trisha Wooten, F, Jamaica Beach
Amy Wright, F, Friendswood

Samantha Yarberry, F, Houston
Pam Yenetchi, F, Houston

Carlos Zepeda, M, Rosharon

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Run For The Ranch Marathon Race Report

Yesterday in Springfield, Missouri, I finished my 38th marathon and one in a 24th different state.

It was also my 13th of 2011 and 12th since late June. All of this, of course, is part of the buildup for February's Rocky Raccoon 100 mile endurance run.

However, I'm more than a little concerned about my ability to finish it. Regardless of the challenges that my job has put in front of me (with its travel to the left coast), I'll give it my best shot and see how things pan out.

I love to express myself.

I have been given some incredible opportunities in life to do some very neat things that may only be neat to me.

I had a chance this weekend to share another incredible trip with my daughter. It isn't that we did anything spectacular, so to speak, but most importantly, we spent some quality time together.

We flew into Kansas City Saturday morning and drove south to Springfield.

Our first visit was so Waverly could see the grounds of Baptist Bible College -- one of the many colleges that she is considering to pursue a career in elementary education.

It is a very small college. There seemed to be more dorm buildings than classroom buildings; however, the school has been turning out Christian leaders for well over fifty years.

After taking in the grounds and all of its surroundings, we ventured to the original Bass Pro Shops in Springfield. I've never been to a Bass Pro Shop and I quickly could see why I wouldn't spend a lot of time there. I figured, though, if I was going to go in one that I might as well make it the biggest and the original one!

We then ventured to the campus of Missouri State University where Sunday's Run For The Ranch Marathon would take place.

There was a panel discussion that was to include Chuck "Marathon Junkie" Engle and 2012 Olympic Trails Marathon qualifier Camille Herron from Oklahoma.

While Engle was a no show, I met Herron - the 2010 White Rock Marathon winner - for the first time after simply being a Facebook friend. Speak about somebody with energy to spare for three people. Wow!

Her story is really incredible - coming back from a double hernia repair and having to start out walking again - and I think that you'll hear a lot more of Herron's name as she plans to try and win a marathon in all 50 states.

Herron has completed seven (7) marathons in the Olympic Trails qualifying period - all under 2:44. Incredible. Only California's Mary Akor has completed as many, but faster.

We also met Shannon Hays from the greater Atlanta area. She is aiming to become just the third runner to finish all 50 states in under four hours. She has 38 states down and 24 in 2011 alone.

After the panel discussion, Waverly and I went and got a bite to eat at the Springfield Pasta Company and called it a night with an early bed time of approximately 9:30 a.m.

What's different about the Run For The Ranch Marathon is that it is a 1 p.m. start time. Really unique.

This allowed us to attend Sunday morning services at High Street Baptist Church.

We got up and had a hearty breakfast at the Doubletree where we were staying and then we went for the 8:30 a.m. "traditional" morning worship service. It was an excellent service by Pastor Eddie Lyons.

Waverly stayed and attended Sunday School class while I went and got online at McDonald's and checked up on a few things. Really proud of her for stepping up and taking that adventure to meet new people.

We went back to the hotel and I got changed before getting ready to run.

I didn't see Herron or Engle, but I talked to Justin Gillette - another runner – who is from Indiana. I had talked to him (and Camille the night before) about the prize money being offered up by The Woodlands Marathon.

The race didn’t go as planned. My weight is up in my mid-section and I'm not getting mid-week work done.

I ended up with a time of 5:50:39 after eight, equidistant loops. The loops had a mile 1, 2 and a 3 marker, but I didn’t try to keep up with those splits, but rather just for the loop itself.

They went as follows: 34:47.47, 37:05.66, 38:12.34, 38:33.24, 48:14.57, 50:04.22, 50:24.31 and 53:18.11. So it was 2:28:38.71 on the front half, and 3:22 on the back half. Not real good.

Shouldn’t have done it, but Waverly and I enjoyed Andy’s Frozen Custard after the race.

We got a little bit of sleep and were up and on the road at 12:15 a.m.

We took I-44 over to Joplin and then Highway 71 up to Kansas City. We were at the terminal by 4:15 a.m. for a 6 a.m. departure. Luckily, we both got upgraded to first class on the small regional jet and I pretty much slept the entire way – including my flight from Houston to Bakersfield, California for work.

And a trip like this makes up for some of the crappy stuff that took place in 2011.