Thursday, April 25, 2013

Couple of Announcing Misses

Couple of recent shout out's to Run In Texas race director Bill Gardner and American Diabetes Association logistics director Danny Gutman for reaching out in the last week or two with potential announcing assignments.

Bill asked me if I could announce his South Padre Island Sand Crab 5K and 10K Nighttime Beach Run this Saturday.

Unfortunately, I'll be returning from Chicago Saturday night after running the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon earlier that morning.

Additionally, Gutman inquired about my availability on Saturday, September 21 for their Tour De Cure:  Houston Tour De Cure bike ride, but I'm very heavily involved in working all Running Alliance Sport events (including that day's Toughest 10K Kemah).

Have no fear, though, as I'll be announcing Bill's El Chupacabra de Houston 5K and 10K in New Caney next month (after debuting with his event production company last August at the Sand Crab 5K and 10K on Porretto Beach in Galveston.)

Hope to see you at one of these events!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

61 HARRA Members Ready to Run 117th Boston Marathon

Abelino Jeronimo, 53, TOR, Houston
Adam Miller, 35, Houston
Allen Wu, 64, FBF, Sugar Land
Avi Moss, 50, Houston
Becky Nesbitt, 43, FLS, Hempstead
Ben Sopchak, 57, IFR, Houston
Bernie Tretta, KW, Houston* (Guiding a blind athlete)
Beverly Handy, 54, BCRR, Houston
Candice Green, 38, KW, Sugar Land
Carlos DeSousa, 35, HS, Houston
Carmen Busceme, 36, Houston

Catherine Kruppa, 39, Houston
Chris Stelzer, 40, Houston
Claudio Rodriguez, 34, KW, Houston
Courtney Fleetwood, 34, FLS, Brenham
David Nemoto, 49, BCRR, Houston
Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, 37, BARC, Seabrook
Erik Dill, 33, BARC, Houston
Gordon Christie, 43, HS, Katy
Guy Burdett, 47, KW, Houston
Jacob Tonge, 50, BCRR, Houston

James McInerny, 55, KW, Houston
Jan Broyles, 51, FLS, Sugar Land
Jeff Eisele, 43, BCRR, Houston
Jenn Sabin, 42, Houston
Jesman Devia, 38, BARC, Houston
Jessica Menendez, 37, TWRC, The Woodlands
Jesus Sifuentes, 28, Katy
Jet George, 45, RH, Houston
John Mannion, 41, TOR, Sugar Land
John Moyer, 56, BARC, Friendswood

John Norris, 65, KW, Houston
Juka Smits, 46, HS, Houston
Julio Salazar, 47, BARC, Friendswood
Kevin Smith, 53, HS, Houston
Kim Tran, 47, HMSA, Sugar Land
Larry Lindeen, 72, BCRR, Houston
Laura Bennett, 45, BARC, Houston
Lauren Wilder, 33, BCRR, Houston
Leanna Dolson, 25, Houston
Lenord Burns, 66, TTC, Angleton

Lisa Thompson, 45, BCRR, Houston
Loris Fusi Goldberg, 43, BCRR, Houston
Lynn Malloy, 52, HS, Katy
Madelyn Herman, 57, KW, Houston
Michael Tognarelli, 41, HH, Houston
Miriam Terc, 54, HS, Katy
Monica Pearson, 29, BARC, Houston
Natalie Seel, 35, BCRR, Houston
Nora Wilson, 56, TWRC, The Woodlands
Robert Hoekman, 71, TTC, Houston

Robert Latimore, 48, BARC, Houston
Ryan Gill, 30, Houston
Scott Wheeler, 43, Dallas
Stephen Smith, 60, TWRC, The Woodlands
Steve Morrell, 49, HS, Houston
Steve Schroeder, 47, HS, Sugar Land
Stewart Crouch, 51, HS, Angleton
Susan Davis, 58, BCRR, Houston
Thomas Hebert, 60, HMSA, Houston
Zachary Cater-Cyker, 28, Houston

Zhao(Annnabel) Yu(Dixon), 46, BARC, Webster