Monday, September 23, 2013

This Past Week's Top 10 Moments

1.  My Sunday night phone call with Waverly.  She's doing well at Liberty University, yet always will be positively covetous of your prayers.  So excited for her and the opportunities that she gets to experience every single day there in Virginia.  Big week ahead for her as she has three tests, but lots of campus excitement in both Convocations and school events.

2.  My niece Hunter's 9th birthday party with family Sunday evening at Pappasito's.  Family comes first.  I have two very, yet differently talented nieces.  Just like I believe for Waverly, my hope is for God to reveal to both of them His plan in their lives in the days, months and years to come.

3.  Working Saturday's Toughest 10K Kemah.  Despite the event dealing with some unanticipated traffic and timing issues, I can't tell you how much I enjoy working races with the team that Robby Sabban has put together through the years.  The Running Alliance Sport team is much like the Win Win Events team:  Lots of people who know what needs to get done and when, but keeping in mind that they're serving other runners.  And while 80% of the runners who run Robby's races aren't going to get a sniff of an age group award, the majority of them also are working their hardest to get to the finish line as fast as they can.

4.  Thanksgiving plans have been finalized!  Waverly and I will be running the Run Thru The Woods 5-Miler together.  Other than the Thanksgiving that we were in New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, either one or both of us have worked a race the last few years.  This year, we're going to partake for once and run our hometown race.  Would love to help Jay Lee and Robby as they assume the reins of the Clear Lake race that Pete Rake started via Bay Area Fit, but it will make for the start of a special day with family.

5.  Announcing Nike South and Nike Cross Regionals in October and November, respectively.  Actually this has been on my calendar since May, but firmed all of the particulars with The Woodlands boys cross country coach Juris Green the middle of last week.

6.  Announcing Pleasure Island Bridge Half Marathon in November.  This is also an event that has been on my calendar since the date was set by Richard and Amie James in Beaumont, but Amie and I made sure that I'll be in Port Arthur on Saturday, November 9.

7.  The Woodlands Marathon Committee meeting Tuesday night.  Always good to visit with folks that you're going to be working with in putting on the sixth largest marathon event in the state of Texas with.  It is great to be respected by the many great individuals that are on this team.

8.  Tuesday morning visit with a former race partner.  A situation placed this individual in close proximity to my work location so I made an effort to take a short break from work - and go to a neighboring building about a block away - to visit with them.  I think the biggest thing that I strive to seek in my world these days is clarity, where possible.  Seeking it - and making the actual effort - doesn't always guarantee the results you desire, but a genuine, heart-felt effort leaves no regrets.  Left feeling positive about the exchange.

9.  Kind words from an endurance sports colleague.  A third party shared with me that I was recognized by this colleague for starting something that part of the community forced me to step away from.  Even though I've continued to contribute to the community event annually in a visible, yet unknown to most way, it appears that I might even get the opportunity to once again be visible.

10.  Running races last weekend in Texas cities #88 and #89.  A half marathon in Mansfield and an 8K in Cedar Park put me two more cities closer to my 100-city goal of running a race in.  In the Metroplex, I ran OK while getting the chance to visit with friends Raul and Meghan Najera and Michael Clark before taking in a half of Ball State vs. North Texas in Denton and then traveling south for a fun, first-year 5-miler on Sunday that facilitate some communication with a friend in the area.

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