Thursday, March 14, 2013

Running Into Busy

When I help out and work a lot of events (namely the Fidelity Investments The Woodlands Marathon, the Exygon and Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon and the Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon), which I sincerely enjoy doing, my running typically suffers.

Last year, it was really bad as I didn't do much between the 52-mile effort at Rocky Raccoon and the finish at the Garmin Marathon in Olathe, Kansas on April 21, which I was fortunate to get done under six (6) hours (5:54:49).

So what's a guy to do?  Get busy, right?

Here's a very tentative schedule through mid-May:

3/24/13 - (1) *Ocean Drive Marathon (Cape May to Sea Isle City, NJ - New State)
3/30/13 - (2) Chisholm Trail Half Marathon (Crawford, TX - New Texas City)
4/ 6/13 - (3) Fairview Half Marathon (Fairview, TX - New Texas City)
4/ 6/13 - Announce Muddy Trails 5K/10K (The Woodlands, TX)
4/ 7/13 - Announce Texas 10 Huntsville (Huntsville, TX)
4/ 7/13 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K (The Woodlands, TX)
4/13/13 - (4) Davy Crockett Bear Chase Half Marathon (Groveton, TX - New Texas City)
4/14/13 - (5) Run For The Rose 5K (Houston, TX)
4/20/13 - (6) Danish Capital of Texas Fun Run 5K (Danevang, TX - New Texas City)
4/26/13 - *Presence Covenant Medical Center Illinois 5K (Champaign, IL)
4/27/13 - (7) *Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon (Champaign, IL - New State)
5/ 4/13 - (8) Finish Line Announce CB&I Sprint Triathlon (The Woodlands, TX - Tentative)
5/ 5/13 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K (The Woodlands, TX)
5/11/13 - (9) Announce El Chupacabra de Houston 5K/10K (New Caney, TX)
5/18/13 - Cover Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas (The Woodlands, TX)

And here are the footnotes to above:

(1) - State #31 and Marathon #49.  Hope to get to visit with my good friends, Rob and Lysa Jones.
(2) - $30 before 3/22.  Sure, gas will be more getting to and from, but maybe George W. will come out and run it.
(3) - Totally tentative.  A new event from Libby Jones.  If not, will probably run a 5K in La Porte to support another friend.
(4) - Totally tentative as well.  One of Steve and Paula's race that I stopped announcing because I started to cover the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas.
(5) - Can run this and make it back in time for church on Sunday.  Otherwise, I'd sit this one out.
(6) - Four races in Montgomery County that day and I'm making a drive.  Yes, all for a new Texas city.
(7) - State #32 and Marathon #50.  Got a $179 round-trip air fare to Chicago which gets me back on Saturday night too!
(8) - Tentative as well.  Long story as to why I didn't in 2012 after doing so in 2010-2011, but our church is hosting a race that day and they may be in need of assistance.
(9) - Bill Gardner has hired me to announce another one of his races after doing the Sandcrab 5K/10K last August in Galveston.

So, that's the plan (or vision, as somebody once said). 

I haven't run a race since February 2 and haven't finished on since January 20th.

Therefore, it's time to get to work - and have a little fun!

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