Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've learned a lot recently. 

Some things aren't fun, but you eventually will get through them.

It isn't about choosing sides, but it is finding about who will stand by you when you really need them to.

Not everything happens the way you expect them to, nor do people play according to your rules. 

I was never naive to that train of thought, but I didn't realize how challenging - and for how long - it was to have some of that meted out against me.

Even after you make mistakes and you own up to what is yours, no matter how painful the truth really is, and you have a core set of principles to come back to, it gets easier to sleep at night when you believe you did the right things.

Things may appear one way, but until you sit down and find out the reason why - if complete, honest and open communication truly exists - you'll never know for sure.

And people don't really know the complete story about anything until they ask.

Yes, I'm somebody that wears my emotions on my sleeve.

I've been mocked and ridiculed for that, and that's OK.  It isn't going to change who I am.  I have a heart and I intend to use it. 

And if I can't use it, then it is still OK to exercise it and not be made to feel wrong about it no matter the accusation.

I'm not mad anymore.  Disappointed?  Sure.  Absolutely.  Things that happened didn't have to.

I still believe in giving credit where credit is due.  If you recognize an accomplishment, praise it.  Those individuals earned it and should be noted for it.  I've always operated that way and always will.  It is a core principle of mine - even in the face of legal threats.

I'm glad for the perspective yesterday and the opportunity to learn a few things.  At 2 p.m. Friday, I was still looking at throwing that away.

It was good to continue to do many of the things that I enjoy and am good at.  Even though I don't have to do them.

I've proven that I can play at the highest levels and succeed, as it is all about building, creating, cultivating and maintaining positive, work together relationships - and friendships.

I'll never be the social animals that some people are.  It just isn't me.  And it never will be.

But again, I'd rather have people respect me than to like me.

And yes, there are people that do both!

So, yesterday was a good day.  I intend to build on it, even if I don't venture too far from the proverbial front porch.

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