Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Caught Up A Second Time; July 21, 2021

Wait, I'm still having troubles blogging.  Yes indeed.

And apparently walking or running too.

That's because I started to develop some significant pain in my left knee.  

I think it is largely walking a lot of miles on shoes whose tread had worn out on the fronts of the shoes - and in the effort to maintain speed, I fear that my "racewalking like" gait might even had hyperextended things.

I don't know.  I just know that it hurt and it forced me to take a break.

It was that Monday, the 5th, where I really started to feel things pretty bad.

And then after putting down 44.04 miles from July 10 to July 16, I was toast.

Plus I wanted to spend Saturday morning July 17 watching Waverly compete in the Camp Gladiator Games at Concordia Lutheran High School in Tomball.

She did great.  I was really impressed with her effort and fortitude.

It is tough watching your child complete in something that seemed more difficult to her than her running either of the two marathons that she did.

Nevertheless, I shut things down completely last Saturday.

And then I cycled for three days before getting back out and walking Tuesday night at a "just barely count it pace" of 15:55 - per the Strava app.

I will still log miles against the GVRAT, but my goal is not necessarily to finish it.

I rowed some today and felt nothing at all.  In fact, the 10 minutes went by pretty quick.  I was surprised.

I plan to walk again tonight and then I may run a race over the weekend.

I'm actually happy not having a plan at all.

Here's the last seven days' worth of activities:

July 15 (Thursday) - 5.16 miles walking in Hannover Forest subdivision (1:18:34) - 10 miles cycling on Air Assault bike (30:05) - 0.54 miles walking (Apple Health)
July 16 (Friday) - 4.98 miles walking along The Woodlands Waterway and Hughes Landing (1:19:34) - 1.32 miles walking (Apple Health)
July 17 (Saturday) - 2.2 miles walking (Apple Health)
July 18 (Sunday) - 10.9 miles cycling on Air Assault bike (33:33) - 0.73 miles walking (Apple Health)
July 19 (Monday) - 10.6 miles cycling on Air Assault bike (31:36) - 0.56 miles walking (Apple Health)
July 20 (Tuesday) - 3.69 miles walking along The Woodlands Waterway (58:22) - 14.7 miles cycling on Air Assault bike (43:41) - 0.61 miles walking (Apple Health)
July 21 (Wednesday) - 1,894 meters rowing (10:00) - 10.4 miles cycling on Air Assault bike (30:42)

Again, the "miles walking (Apple Health)" is just time on my feet where my phone is on my body in some way.

If you're reading, thanks.  I appreciate your time and interest.

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