Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Quick Wednesday Evening Post; September 8, 2021

Went to the Knox Junior High track after meeting with some folks from Chase Bank late this afternoon, but couldn't get on the track for awhile because there were a pair of football games going on.

Once I was able to, I only got 1.7226 miles in 27:10.11 for a pace of 15:46.  

I wasn't pushing it, obviously.

All laps were in lane 4.

80% of 0.522 miles

1.044 miles

0.261 miles

I also then got in 10.3 miles on the Air Assault bike in 30 minutes and 42 seconds.

Got a chance to talk a good bit with Bill Dwyer this evening while we waited.  

None of his runners showed up as the majority of his crew is going to run the Tunnel Light Marathon in Washington state on Sunday.

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