Friday, April 2, 2021

Texas 10 Series 5-Mile 2020-2021 Runners: Three or Four Races (Out of Four)

Through four races of the 2020-2021 Texas 10 Series, these runners have run either three or four 5-Mile races - with three more races - Katy, Sienna and Cypress - to come later this month.

Four Races (12)
Glenn Frable, Cypress
Bethany Gardner, Houston
Erin Gowton, Montgomery
Jimmie Gowton, Montgomery
Bradley Huggins, Franklin
Sara Huggins, Franklin
Ken Johnson, Huntsville
Quintin Kneen, Spring
Patrick Lewis, Huntsville
Chris MacGregor, Houston
Mary Meaux, Conroe
Cindy Ough, Spring

Three Races (13)
Melinda Ardoin, Spring
Cathy Bickford, Huntsville
Ben Castillo, Katy
Guadalupe De Paz, Houston
Kristen Edwards, Conroe
Ben Guidry, Spring
Kirsten Ough, Spring
Gustavo Roque, Houston
Dianna Sarno, Huntsville
Ray Sarno, Huntsville
Holly Steirman, Willis
Kara Stockton, Montgomery
Jon Walk, Spring

Sources:  Texas 10 Series, RunFar Racing Services

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